2017 brings us 2 Olympic Freestyle Gold Medalists and the 9th season of the Path to Fargo.

There are a few minor changes this year. The girls team has grown so big that it now requires its own program. More details to follow HERE

The boys will continue down the Path leading up to Fargo, where the Cadet and Junior Nationals take place.  All information is being periodically updated at the link below.


Any new coach who wishes to join our staff must complete the application HERE by April 1st

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2017 MSWA Age-WT State Championship Series Success

2017 Ag-Wt bannerGreat job by all wrestlers, coaches and parents and the hosts of the five MSWA qualifiers.  Over 200 more wrestlers have participated in the qualifiers this year than last year!  Thanks for the all of the support and interest to help make the MSWA Age-Wt Series a success.  490 different wrestlers qualified this year and 450 registered/advanced.


FEB 11-12-AGE-WT STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS-North County High School 10 E 1st Ave, Glen Burnie, MD 21061

ANYONE WHO WISHES TO COACH IN THE CORNER AT STATES (2 per corner enforced) MUST HAVE AN ACTIVE/VALID USA WRESTLING MEMBERSHIP.  PURCHASE HERE (do not wait last minute; background check can take up to a week or more)

LIST BELOW UPDATED AS OF Feb 8th 10am.  These wrestlers have paid their $35 advancement fee either on site or online.


If you believe you paid advancement on site or online but do not see wrestler’s name, please e-mail mswaadmin@gmail.com

First Last Team
Colin Acton Urbana
Adam Alampi John Carroll Patriots
Owen Alexander Andover Apaches
Carter Alexander Andover Apaches
Aidan Allam Chesapeake Bay Wrestling Club
Andre Allen Marlboro Mustangs
Kyle Altuner Urbana
Braydon Ambrose Central Maryland
Dominic Ambrosino Sparrows Point
Connor Anderson Owings Mills
Nikolas Antonelli Navy Jr. Wrestling
Frank Antonelli Navy Jr. Wrestling
Ethan Arneson Carroll County Warriors
Joshua Arthur Carroll County Warriors
Ian Ash St Marys
Will Ashmore Kent
Thomas Ates Damascus
Ryan Athey Warhawks Wrestling
Jaylan Atkinson Fort Hill
Judah Aybar Warhawks Wrestling
Jeremiah Aybar Warhawks Wrestling
Gavin Bage MSJ Titans
Conner Bagley Mt. Ridge Mat Club
Ryan Baker Carroll County Warriors
Sean Baldwin North Baltimore Wrestling
Sean Banks Golden Ring
Nicholas Banks B & O Outlaws
Sirr Bannister Rampage Wrestling Club
Nicolas Barnabae MSJ Titans
Tanner Barnes Germantown Wrestling
Owen Barnes Central Maryland
Grayson Barnhill Warhawks Wrestling
Damien Batson South Bowie
Dylan Baum North East Jr Wrestling
Logan Baumgaertner Navy Jr. Wrestling
Colton Bazalewski Urbana
Hunter Beck Panthers Wrestling
Collin Bell Rising Sun
Owen Bell Hereford Bulls
Braden Bell Catoctin Cougars
Ethan Bell Hereford Bulls
Jacob Bell Catoctin Cougars
Landon Bell Manchester Wrestling
Zachary Bellamy Howard County Vipers
Aiden Bellamy Howard County Vipers
Alex Bellarin Kent
Tye Bellarin Kent
Colton Benwell Rampage Wrestling Club
Chad Benwell Jr. Rampage Wrestling Club
Bryan Berry McKim
Nicholas Biava Damascus
Jack Birth Bel Air Junior Wrestling
Connor Blanchard Bowerhouse
Jahsiyer Blue South Bowie
Antonio Blueford Sodo
Evan Boblits Rampage Wrestling Club
Jake Boog Manchester Wrestling
Chandler Booker Panthers Wrestling
Jack Boumel Middletown Junior Knights
Micah Bourne Jr Seahawks
Philip Bourque Laurel Lions
Mason Boyd North East Jr Wrestling
Riley Bozeman Warhawks Wrestling
Antonio Bradford Warhawks Wrestling
Zach Brady Fcmc
Jacob Brenneman Northern Garrett
Caleb Brenneman Northern Garrett
Benjamin Brosnan Hereford Bulls
Michael Brower Spartans
Leroy Brown Waverly EMS
Samire Brown Germantown Wrestling
Zay’Vion Brown Kent
Corey Brown Central Maryland
Jack Bruffey MD Maniacs
Matthew Brunner North East Jr Wrestling
Darby Bryant Middletown Junior Knights
Joe Buffington B & O Outlaws
Koen Burdette Fcmc
Brodie Burdette Fcmc
Dasean Butts Middletown Junior Knights
Cory Butts Warhawks Wrestling
Luke Calhoun Maryland Eagles
Yul Campbell Marlboro Mustangs
Will Caputo Navy Jr. Wrestling
Chase Carpintieri Middle River Rhinos
Darius Carr Howard County Vipers
Mattheus Carroll Aberdeen Eagles
Daniel Casey III Hereford Bulls
Keiten Castellow Catoctin Cougars
Peyton Castellow Catoctin Cougars
Cruz Cespedes John Carroll Patriots
John Chadwick Central Maryland
Earl Chambers Navy Jr. Wrestling
Jadon Chaney North Baltimore Wrestling
Sebastian Chaney North Baltimore Wrestling
Jonathan Chang Clarksburg
Caleb Chaves Navy Jr. Wrestling
Clarke Cheairs Fcmc
Zachary Chen Germantown Wrestling
Tyler Chen Germantown Wrestling
Eli Chesla Central Maryland
Isaac Cicchetti Panthers Wrestling
Ethan Clark Kent
Gus Clark Young Riders
Evan Clarke Middle River Rhinos
Mike Claxton Howard County Vipers
Dwayne Clipp Middletown Junior Knights
Landon Clore Olney Black
Jackson Cohenour Central Maryland
Payton Collins Manchester Wrestling
Shane Combs Fort Hill
Austin Combs MD Maniacs
Trevon Conaway Gators
Garrett Conley MSJ Titans
Matthew Conroy Bel Air Junior Wrestling
James Conway North Baltimore Wrestling
Vincent Corso Fcmc
Morgon Corwine Warhawks Wrestling
Michael Crisitello Warhawks Wrestling
Nathan Crouse Eldersburg
Collin Cyphers B & O Outlaws
John Damico Eastern Shore Intensive
Bradley David MSJ Titans
Dakhuri Davis Morrell Park EMS
Richard Davis Sparrows Point
Brian Davis Rampage Wrestling Club
Koda DeAtley Rampage Wrestling Club
Liam DeBaugh Central Maryland
Ethan Dell Manchester Wrestling
Ryan Dent Fort Hill
Camerin Deville McKim
Alexander DeVriendt MD Maniacs
Giuseppe Di Monte Predators
Samuel Dickey B & O Outlaws
Gavin Dixon MSJ Titans
Owen Dixon Warhawks Wrestling
William Donahoe Navy Jr. Wrestling
James Douglas Manchester Wrestling
Sean Douglas Damascus
Brodie Douglas Damascus
Connor Dunham North Baltimore Wrestling
Robert Dupree Banneker Blake
Jake Durkin Mount Airy Mustangs
Logan Dvorak John Carroll Patriots
Tre Eason Mount Airy Mustangs
Rhys Edwards B & O Outlaws
Tallion Elliott Rampage Wrestling Club
Michael Emerick Damascus
Vaughn Epps, II Waverly EMS
Marquez Estrada Germantown Wrestling
Jamal Everette Reisterstown
Stephen Exum Independent
Cayden Farver Manchester Wrestling
Russell Fary Outsiders Wresting
Richard Fedalen Warhawks Wrestling
Rhys Ferguson Urbana
Ian Ferguson Urbana
Shawn Ferrell Rising Sun
Ricky Figueroa Outsiders Wresting
Brandyn Fish Manchester Wrestling
Kadin Fisher Middletown Junior Knights
Joseph Fisk MSJ Titans
Carson Fitzgerald Carroll County Warriors
Paul Fitzpatrick Frederick
James Fitzsimmons North Baltimore Wrestling
Joseph Fitzwater Golden Ring
Keion Flowers BullDawgs Wrestling Club
Keyshawn Flowers BullDawgs Wrestling Club
Patrick Flynn Team Flynn
John Ford Kent
Trenton Ford Gators
Alexander Forrester Generals Elite
Sean Foster B & O Outlaws
Brycen Fraley Middletown Junior Knights
Peter Frazier Howard County Vipers
Henry Friskey Golden Ring
Zachery Fultz B & O Outlaws
Keith Fultz Urbana
Alexander Galli Coop Trained
Sean Garretson Central Maryland
Jordan Garrison Andover Apaches
Tyler Garvin Rising Sun
Henry Gessford Navy Jr. Wrestling
Joseph Gigliotti MD Maniacs
Reid Gills Navy Jr. Wrestling
Angel Giron Generals Elite
Alan Giron Generals Elite
Tristan Giron Urbana
Zac Glory Central Maryland
Alexander Goldburg Germantown Wrestling
Alexander Gonzalez MD Maniacs
Demetrios Gourgoulianis John Carroll Patriots
Constantinos Gourgoulianis John Carroll Patriots
Eric Grap MSJ Titans
Tomas Grap MSJ Titans
Tajuan Gray McKim
Travis Green Manchester Wrestling
Michael Greenstreet Panthers Wrestling
Quin Greenstreet Panthers Wrestling
Gordon Griffith Central Maryland
Cayden Groah Navy Jr. Wrestling
Michael Groszkowski Navy Jr. Wrestling
Dylan Grove Central Maryland
Jack Gruenzinger Warhawks Wrestling
Austin Guerrieri Jr Seahawks
Andrew Guttentag B & O Outlaws
Isaac Guttentag B & O Outlaws
Joshua Hale Manchester Wrestling
Brycen Hall Hereford Bulls
Tanner Halling Iron Eagles
Josh Hamilton North East Jr Wrestling
Walker Hamilton Fort Hill
Landon Hamper Warhawks Wrestling
Landen Harbaugh Middletown Junior Knights
Nicolas Harden Mt. Ridge Mat Club
Grayson Harmon Westminster mat rats
Steven Harrell Howard County Vipers
King Menelik Harrison North Baltimore Wrestling
Caleb Hartwell Panthers Wrestling
Jason Hathaway Bowerhouse
Jeffrey Hathaway Bowerhouse
Sonti Hayes BDJ
Aidan Healey Seadogs
Kyle Heidel Bel Air Junior Wrestling
Dashawn Heidelberg-Jones Banneker Blake
Elijah Henry Marlboro Mustangs
Brody Henry Mount Airy Mustangs
Carlos Heredia MSJ Titans
Kevin Hernandez Damascus
Heathe Hernandez Manchester Wrestling
Taegon Hibbitts Howard County Vipers
Ray Hicks South Bowie
Mason Hillegas Clarksburg
Matthew Hobbs Maryland Eagles
Nicholas Hoffmann Howard County Vipers
John Hofman Jr Seahawks
Will Holland B & O Outlaws
Bryce Holt B & O Outlaws
Ryan Holt B & O Outlaws
Jonathan Horne Rising Sun
Connor Huff Rampage Wrestling Club
Kielin Huff Patuxent
Tatum Hughes Fcmc
Maxwell Hull Clarksburg
Christopher Hyre Damascus
Jase Ince Andover Apaches
Parker Intrieri Jr Seahawks
Logan Intrieri Jr Seahawks
Jordan Jackson Golden Ring
Tremaine Jackson Kent
Dylin Jackson Central Maryland
Cruz Jaramillo Damascus
Owen Jaramillo Damascus
Tyriel Jefferson Team Flynn
Cameron Jefferson Rampage Wrestling Club
Bryce Johnson Thomas Stone
Jalen Jones McKim
Damien Jones Mount Airy Mustangs
Jaxon Jones Fort Hill
Jason Jones Navy Jr. Wrestling
Caiden Jordan Rising Sun
John Jurkovic Howard County Vipers
Duncan Kammar North Baltimore Wrestling
Aidan Kammar North Baltimore Wrestling
Liam Kammar North Baltimore Wrestling
Andrew Kapec Middletown Junior Knights
Tom Katrivanos Predators
Brogan Kealy Southern Mat Club
Colby Keilholtz Warhawks Wrestling
Sean Kelly B & O Outlaws
Skyler Kenny Hereford Bulls
Matthew Kilby B & O Outlaws
Joseph Kilner B & O Outlaws
Aiden Kilpatrick Rising Sun
Hyunku Kim B & O Outlaws
Nicholas Kingsbury Warhawks Wrestling
Zachary Kinloch Carroll County Warriors
Ellis Kirsch Maryland Eagles
Logan Kisner Middle River Rhinos
Anya Knappenberger Urbana
Caden Knight Gators
Nate Kohler Central Maryland
Arthur Konschak HFG Colts
Jackson Kostos Mount Airy Mustangs
Alex Koulikov Eastern Shore Intensive
Calvin Kraisser Warhawks Wrestling
Carter Kuhar Urbana
Joseph Lagman Upper Marlboro
Colin Langreich Chesapeake Bay Wrestling Club
Matthew Lawrence Warhawks Wrestling
Luke Layden Central Maryland
Jose Lazo Laurel Lions
Dylan Leatherman Fort Hill
Kolton Lee Southern Mat Club
Jesse Leibovitch Clarksburg
Jeffrey Leonard Thomas Stone
Jeff Leonard Rising Sun
William Levy Howard County Vipers
Marcus Lewis DC Cobras Wrestling
Collin Lewis Panthers Wrestling
Dylan Lewis Panthers Wrestling
Gavin Lewis Panthers Wrestling
Austin Lewis Central Maryland
Eric Liau Warhawks Wrestling
Jason Liau Warhawks Wrestling
Michael Light MD Maniacs
Gavin Lindner Chesapeake Bay Wrestling Club
Chase Listorti Panthers Wrestling
Victor Listorti Panthers Wrestling
Jameson Little Carroll County Warriors
Brandon Longerbeam P.a.l
William Longhurst Chesapeake Bay Wrestling Club
Lucas Lopez Howard County Vipers
Zander Lucksavage Fcmc
Zane Lucksavage Fcmc
Kaden Lymon Joppatowne
Ryan Mackay Rising Sun
Ethan Mackey Howard County Vipers
Erich Maffey Clarksburg
Colin Mahaney Urbana
Kyle Malko Middletown Junior Knights
Angelo Marchany MD Maniacs
Tsvi Margolis Clarksburg
Veronica Marinaccio Maryland Eagles
Timothy Marsiglia Andover Apaches
Tadhg Martinez Maryland Eagles
Brody Matson B & O Outlaws
Dallas Mattheu Middle River Rhinos
Landon McAlpine Mt. Ridge Mat Club
Nicholas McCarthy Germantown Wrestling
Brian McCaw B & O Outlaws
Dylan McClintock Maryland Eagles
Liam Mcgettigan Reisterstown
Shane Mcguire Germantown Wrestling
John McGuire Howard County Vipers
Joseph McKneely Damascus
Brennan McKneely B & O Outlaws
Nevan McKneely B & O Outlaws
Carrick McKneely B & O Outlaws
Gabriel McWhite Cherry Hill EMS
Nicky Melfi Navy Jr. Wrestling
Jeremiah Mellinger Southern Mat Club
Thomas Messick Sodo
Garrett Michaels Mt. Ridge Mat Club
Peyton Miller Central Maryland
Bo Miller Maryland Eagles
Rowan Miller Maryland Eagles
Jayden Miller Mt. Ridge Mat Club
Jacob Miller Navy Jr. Wrestling
William Mitchell Baltimore Collegiate
Khaleil Mitchell Rising Sun
Ian Moccia John Carroll Patriots
Julianne Moccia John Carroll Patriots
Aaron Moccia John Carroll Patriots
Joseph Mondshour Lansdowne gators
Thomas Monn P.a.l
Dominic Montgomery Andover Apaches
Drew Montgomery Independent
Dylan Montgomery Independent
Ty Montgomery Calvert Beasts
Rylan Moose Howard County Vipers
Tony Muarry McKim
Jibreel Muhammad Warhawks Wrestling
Trajan Mulinazzi Howard County Vipers
Jace Munoz B & O Outlaws
Cade Munoz B & O Outlaws
Samuel Myers John Carroll Patriots
Cole Myers Manchester Wrestling
Ayden Nasvaderani B & O Outlaws
Ethan Nasvaderani B & O Outlaws
Christopher Natale MD Maniacs
Jacob Naylor Howard County Vipers
Cameron Neal Central Maryland
Damon Nelson Outsiders Wresting
Dylan Newberger Howard County Vipers
Carter Nogle B & O Outlaws
Coleman Nogle B & O Outlaws
Samuel O`Brian Damascus
Daniel Ochoa Morrell Park EMS
Kyle Oconnell Urbana
Paul Ognissanti Warhawks Wrestling
Lucas Ognissanti Warhawks Wrestling
Ryan Ohler Carroll County Warriors
Dylan Ohler Carroll County Warriors
Konrad Oles B & O Outlaws
Brody Onkst Manchester Wrestling
Richard Onslow B & O Outlaws
Ryan Orr Catoctin Cougars
Jayden Orsi-Pedersen MD Maniacs
Juan Ortega John Carroll Patriots
Wesley Outlaw John Carroll Patriots
Evan Owen MD Maniacs
Gage Owen MD Maniacs
Christopher Owens Marlboro Mustangs
Carter Owens Marlboro Mustangs
Mason Palmer Hereford Bulls
Vincent Paolucci Central Maryland
Joseph Papalia B & O Outlaws
James Parana Navy Jr. Wrestling
Shawn Parks Andover Apaches
Owen Pelaez Clarksburg
Logan Pepos Panthers Wrestling
Connor Peterson HFG Colts
Boden Pistorio Warhawks Wrestling
Michael Pizzuto MD Maniacs
Matthew Podsednik Rampage Wrestling Club
French Pope Germantown Wrestling
Anthony Porchea Marlboro Mustangs
Corey Potter John Carroll Patriots
Brady Pruett Warhawks Wrestling
Sean Quinn Navy Jr. Wrestling
Mason Quintana Clarksburg
Luke Randazzo Warhawks Wrestling
Jesse Rappazzo Unattached
Jackson Rasmussen Middle River Rhinos
Harrison Reed Manchester Wrestling
John Reho Navy Jr. Wrestling
David Renninger Myersville
Mykiah Richard Cherry Hill EMS
Jonah Richardson Howard County Vipers
Eli Rider Andover Apaches
Donald Riley Fort Hill
James Riveira John Carroll Patriots
Antoine Robinson Marlboro Mustangs
Jacob Rocha B & O Outlaws
Cole Rodia B & O Outlaws
Antonio Rodrigues MD Maniacs
Anthony Rodrigues MD Maniacs
Alexander Rodrigues MD Maniacs
Matthew Rosenstein Maryland Eagles
Andrew Ruel Northern Calvert
Gabriel Rupp MSJ Titans
Jonathan Russell Lansdowne gators
Drew Salazar Central Maryland
Hunter Sanders Southern Mat Club
Bryan Santangelo MD Maniacs
Anthony Savoy Urbana
Jordan Scarbrough St Marys
Kameron Schank North East Jr Wrestling
Mike Schifano Urbana
Bently Schmidt Panthers Wrestling
Beau Schmidt Panthers Wrestling
Chase Schultz Warhawks Wrestling
Wesley Seba North Baltimore Wrestling
Lee Seipp Manchester Wrestling
Jaden Selby Maryland Eagles
Dwayne Sewell Banneker Blake
Nicholas Shapiro Howard County Vipers
Meyer Shapiro Warhawks Wrestling
Neil Sharma B & O Outlaws
Kyle Shearer Manchester Wrestling
Duece Shepherd Marlboro Mustangs
Duece Shepherd Marlboro Mustangs
Earl Shepherd III Marlboro Mustangs
Nathaniel Shields North Baltimore Wrestling
Corey Singletary Cherry Hill EMS
Joseph Slattery Panthers Wrestling
Nathan Slider Fort Hill
Grady Smart Maryland Eagles
Juwan Smith Lakeland EMS
Clark Smith Bowerhouse
Quinlan Smith North Baltimore Wrestling
Benjamin Smith Warhawks Wrestling
Alexander Smith Fort Hill
Benjamin Smith Hereford Bulls
Gabriel Smith Warhawks Wrestling
Brooks Smith Central Maryland
Beau Snell Manchester Wrestling
Peter Snyder Navy Jr. Wrestling
Pierce Snyder Navy Jr. Wrestling
Liam Soe Middletown Junior Knights
Michael Sofelkanik Urbana
Kayden Song Andover Apaches
Karson Song Andover Apaches
Ethan Sotka Warhawks Wrestling
Trevor Sowers BAAA Warriors
Joseph Spelta Howard County Vipers
Justice Spiker Central Maryland
Branden Stalnaker Central Maryland
Tristen Stein Predators
Chase Steinberg Urbana
Diego Steiner Navy Jr. Wrestling
Adan Stewart Rising Sun
Dalton Stewart Middletown Junior Knights
Ryan Stone Howard County Vipers
Stephen Stottlemyer Fcmc
Ethan Stroh Hereford Bulls
Jackson Stroh Hereford Bulls
Thomas Strong Germantown Wrestling
Aidan Strott Howard County Vipers
Trevyn Suskowicz John Carroll Patriots
Chase Swiger Lansdowne gators
Alex Szkotnicki Southern Mat Club
Landon Szymanski Panthers Wrestling
Wayne Tabb Germantown Wrestling
Adrian Taborga Maryland Eagles
Jacob Tamai Howard County Vipers
Alexander Tamai Howard County Vipers
Raymond Taranto Jr Seahawks
Bryce Taranto Jr Seahawks
Mason Testerman Rising Sun
Noah Thanner Bel Air Junior Wrestling
Camron Torres Rampage Wrestling Club
Charles Trenkamp Generals Elite
Robert Trenkamp Generals Elite
Andrew Trider Hereford Bulls
Salah Tsarni Maryland Eagles
Noah Tucker Germantown Wrestling
Ethan Valdisera Unattached
Cooper Van Scoyoc Predators
Morgan Vandergrift Northwest Raiders
Robert VanDerVoort Manchester Wrestling
Quentin VanGorder Independent
Vladimir Velasquez Urbana
Reese Vogtman Fort Hill
James Wagner Middle River Rhinos
Matthew Walsh Warhawks Wrestling
Thomas Wargo Panthers Wrestling
Eric Washington B & O Outlaws
Grayson Wendel B & O Outlaws
Lincoln Wendel B & O Outlaws
Tanner Wertz Fort Hill
Paxton Wertz Fort Hill
Luke Whalen Howard County Vipers
Judge Wheat Mount Airy Mustangs
Asher White Middletown Junior Knights
Tobias White Middletown Junior Knights
NaSir Wilkinson Coop Trained
Mason Willard B & O Outlaws
Terrance Williams Banneker Blake
Jamel Williams Hazelwood EMS
Benjamin Williams Maryland Eagles
Bryce Wilson Fort Hill
Christian Wirts Northwest Raiders
Jacob Wittmaack Navy Jr. Wrestling
Nolan Wood Rampage Wrestling Club
Amondre Wooden Gators
Clement Woods McKim
Mayhem Woolsey Northern Calvert
James Wright Central Maryland
Jacob Wright Central Maryland
Cody Wyatt Maryland Eagles
Gavin Young John Carroll Patriots
Stone Yuen B & O Outlaws
Rock Zang Navy Jr. Wrestling
Cade Zengel John Carroll Patriots
Broden Zumbano Bel Air Junior Wrestling
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67b35567-42be-47d8-b3e3-1afd908d8609Extreme winter conditions may affect the travel to an MSWA event.  We will make a decision to either continue the event as planned, delay the start of the event, or postpone/cancel the event.

Our decision will not only be based on road conditions and forecasts, but also the hosting school’s snow policy.  Most times, at least 12 hour notice from the start of the event (weigh-in) will be provided.

All updates will be on our website, facebook, twitter, and e-mail blasts from registration list and our mass e-mail marketing campaign.

We want everyone to be safe while traveling to and from our events. We do not wish to put anyone’s lives in jeopardy.


Feb 5th-MSWA Future Champions at McDonogh-on as scheduled

Feb 5th-MSWA Girls Folkstyle State Championship at McDonogh-on as scheduled

Feb 11-12th-MSWA Age-Wt State Championships at North County HS-on as scheduled

Feb 26th-MSWA Future Champions Finale at Northeast HS (Pasadena)-on as scheduled

Mar 7th-MSWA Senior All Star Classic at McDaniel College (Westminster)-on as scheduled

Mar 7-MSWA All Academic Team Awards at McDaniel College (Westminster)-on as scheduled

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2017 Maryland Mason Dixon Quad Team

15894367_1404573436241307_1630218999127737088_nCongratulations to all who represented the 2017 Maryland Mason Dixon Quad Team who squared off against National Teams from Pennsylvania and New Jersey (Virginia elected not to attend).  In order of weight:

60 Tremaine Jackson, Kent
65 Morgon Corwine, Warhawks
70 Gage Owen, Maniacs
75 Conner Bollinger, Warhawks
80 Richard Fedalen, Warhawks
85 John Reho, Navy Jr.
90 Joey Couch, MSJ Titans
95 Paul Ognissanti, Warhawks
100 Lucas Ognissanti, Warhawks
105 Joseph Fisk, MSJ Titans
110 Carson Kist, Smyrna
115 Matthew Lawrence, Warhawks
120 Bradley David, MSJ Titans
130 Ian Ferguson, Urbana
140 Antonio Bradford, Warhawks
150 James Parana, Seahawks
165 Chase Schultz, Mt airy


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MSWA Age-WT State Championship Series Returns

2017 Ag-Wt banner

Five qualifying tournaments plus State Championship Tournament returns for 2017.

All information may be found HERE

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MSWA Future Champions 2017!

The MSWA is proud to present the 2016-17 Future Champions Series, events hosted across the state of Maryland for beginner and experienced wrestlers.


Wrestlers generally have 1-3 years under their belt and are grouped together with 4 closet in weight.  Each will receive an attractive medal!

All information can be located HERE

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MSWA Youth Matches to be Featured at College Tri at AU!


approximately 11:45am after Campbell vs Clarion Dual

  • Bri Csontos (VA) vs Shaina Murray (NJ)
  • 122ish-Andrew Guttentag (B&O Outlaws) vs Esteban Matiella (Bandits)
  • 88ish-Isaac Guttentag (B&O Outlaws) vs Duncan Christensen (Bandits)
  • Tifanni McNelis (PA) vs Lisa McChesney (Northeast)

approximately 1:45pm after Campbell vs. AU Dual

  • 77ish-Coleman Nogle (B&O Outlaws) vs Mekhi Neal (Rampage)
  • 88ish-Grayson Wendel (B&O Outlaws) vs Sean Coughlin (Bandits)
  • Heidi Richardson (Mt Airy) vs Ryan Ropella (VA)


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It is an exciting time to be a female athlete in Maryland with inspirational Helen Maroulis (Rockville, MD) who just won an Olympic Gold Medal to go with her 2015 World Gold Medal.  We kick off 2016-17 season with a free clinic and free entry into tournament on November 12 at Northeast HS (Pasadena, MD)freegirlsclinicThe MSWA is in the third full season of organized women’s wrestling lead by Maryland Women’s Director Jani Palmer.  Our girls membership grew by 56% last year!  There are plenty of opportunities for girls to gain experience, training, competition, and funding toward national events.

Please read Jani’s LETTER HERE

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On October 1st, the MSWA presents its 4th annual Coaches Clinic featuring Olympic Gold Medalists from Maryland, Helen Maroulis and Kyle Snyder at 4pm (HS kids and under free to attend the 4pm session but must register).

Clinic will also feature Virginia Tech Head Coach Kevin Dresser and Brown University Head Coach and Maryland’s own Todd Beckerman; plus Brad Howell, Rohan Murphy, Ronnie Wuest, and Gene Zannetti!

Coaches who attend the clinic will receive free gifts from vendor sponsors including Cliff Keen, WIN Magazine, MyHouse Apparel and MORE!

An awards banquet will conclude the clinic and will honor the Maryland All Americans, Triple Crown Winners, Eareckson Award Recipient Alan Meltzer, plus Helen and Kyle and the 4 Olympic wrestlers in Maryland Kerry Mccoy, Rob Eiter, Lloyd Keaser, and Ernie Fischer.


1972 Ford Mustang Sprint Edition Classic Muscle Car will be on hand for photo ops thanks to Rusty Smith

More info HERE

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Path to Fargo Season #8 is here!


DON’T MISS SEASON #8 of the MSWA’s Path to Fargo Program.  Be inspired by two Maryland wrestlers, Helen Maroulis and Kyle Snyder, who took the Path to Fargo and later became WORLD FREESTYLE CHAMPIONS!

This is a World Class Training Program with World Class Olympic Style instruction led by Olympians, top college, high school, and club coaches, preparing and developing athletes for National Level Competitions.

TIMELINE (for more detailed timeline, please visit HERE)



PHASE I-Path to Fargo events between April 9 and May 15 are 4 Tournaments and 4 Clinics available to all ages, skills, and wrestlers from anywhere, while the Maryland Freestyle and Greco State Championships (Sunday May 15-moved from May 14) is only open to Maryland and DC Residents.  Qualify at States to participate in the exclusive National Team events below and earn cost reduction off of trip balance by participating in the Path to Fargo


PHASE II-Camp Preparation between May 21 to June 5 help prepare wrestlers for team competitions, including Schoolboy Duals, Cadet Duals, and East Coast Duals.


PHASE III-Fargo Training between June 16 and July 12 is only available to wrestlers attending Fargo or the Kids Nationals.






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