2016 Leaderboard

Wrestlers will earn up to 100 points four different ways toward cost reduction off their trip to Fargo:

  1. by participating in the designated MSWA/USAW-40 point maximum
  2. previous accomplishments (specified)-30 point maximum
  3. National/Regional placement (specified)-30 point maximum
  4. MSWA FS/GR State placement-30 point maximum

A maximum of 100 points can be accumulated (see below)


As of 4/8/2016 HERE

As of 4/11/2016 HERE

As of 4/27/2016 HERE

As of 5/3/2016 HERE

As of 5/13/2016 HERE

If there are any discrepancies or errors, note that we may have overlook a result or participation, so please e-mail us at mswaadmin@gmail.com or call 443-805-6792

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