MSWA Youth Matches to be Featured at College Tri at AU!


approximately 11:45am after Campbell vs Clarion Dual

  • Bri Csontos (VA) vs Shaina Murray (NJ)
  • 122ish-Andrew Guttentag (B&O Outlaws) vs Esteban Matiella (Bandits)
  • 88ish-Isaac Guttentag (B&O Outlaws) vs Duncan Christensen (Bandits)
  • Tifanni McNelis (PA) vs Lisa McChesney (Northeast)

approximately 1:45pm after Campbell vs. AU Dual

  • 77ish-Coleman Nogle (B&O Outlaws) vs Mekhi Neal (Rampage)
  • 88ish-Grayson Wendel (B&O Outlaws) vs Sean Coughlin (Bandits)
  • Heidi Richardson (Mt Airy) vs Ryan Ropella (VA)


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