2017 Maryland Mason Dixon Quad Team

15894367_1404573436241307_1630218999127737088_nCongratulations to all who represented the 2017 Maryland Mason Dixon Quad Team who squared off against National Teams from Pennsylvania and New Jersey (Virginia elected not to attend).  In order of weight:

60 Tremaine Jackson, Kent
65 Morgon Corwine, Warhawks
70 Gage Owen, Maniacs
75 Conner Bollinger, Warhawks
80 Richard Fedalen, Warhawks
85 John Reho, Navy Jr.
90 Joey Couch, MSJ Titans
95 Paul Ognissanti, Warhawks
100 Lucas Ognissanti, Warhawks
105 Joseph Fisk, MSJ Titans
110 Carson Kist, Smyrna
115 Matthew Lawrence, Warhawks
120 Bradley David, MSJ Titans
130 Ian Ferguson, Urbana
140 Antonio Bradford, Warhawks
150 James Parana, Seahawks
165 Chase Schultz, Mt airy


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