MSWA Future Champion Series


TENTATIVE SCHEDULE-subject to change-final confirmed schedule will be updated with registration links (updated as of 1/13/2017)

***Note regarding Future Champion wrestlers, once a wrestler qualifies for the MSWA Champions State Tournament, wrestlers are no longer eligible to compete in the Future Champion Series (which is designed for beginner/experienced wrestlers only).  Wrestlers are considered advanced once they qualify for the MSWA Champions State Tournament.ONLINE REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS ALWAYS 5PM THE EVENING BEFORE EVENT


Objective:  To provide a positive competitive wrestling experience for new to the sport or limited success level wrestlers and parents.  Attempt to match wrestlers in similar ability groups based on age, years of positive experience, previous success, and tournament placements.   Limit weight classes to 4 wrestlers in order keep tournament competition under 2 hours. Providing appropriate competition for our future champions and parents will help our sport grow.  There is no state championship for these wrestlers unless they move up to the MSWA Champions Series.

Skill Levels:

Beginner Division – Wrestlers who have not have competed in Experienced Division  Future Champions Series, Beltway Jr. League or MSWA Champions Age/Weight Qualifiers.  These wrestlers may have up to 3 years of experience (or more), but with limited success, may still compete in the Beginner division.  If a wrestler is clearly competent in skill, he will be moved up to the Experienced Division.

Experienced Division – Wrestlers with significant success in the Beginner division or clear natural ability over a beginner wrestler, but has not yet demonstrated the skills of an Advanced wrestler.  These wrestlers may have competed but not placed in MSWA Champions Age/ Weight Qualifiers, Beltway Jr. League or any other competitive level tournaments.  Wrestlers who have competed in the Experienced division may no longer compete in the Beginner division.  Wrestlers with superior athletic and natural ability regardless of number of years wrestled should move up to the Champions Series.

     Qualification for Finale: Must have participated in at least TWO Future Champions Qualifiers.Qualification for Qualifiers: Wrestlers will compete in either Beginner division or Experienced division at each qualifier.  Please see skill level DEFINITIONS for more details if unsure if wrestler is Beginner or Experienced.  Progression, Development and Learning are the goals!Age Group Registration/Weigh-Ins:        

  • SCHOOLBOY/GIRL  Born 2003-2004           8:00-8:45 am
  • CADET               Born 2002                                8:00-8:45 am
  • GROUP I           Born 2011-2012                       10:00-10:45 am
  • GROUP II         Born 2009-2010                      10:00-10:45 am
  • GROUP III        Born 2007-2008                      12:00-12:45 pm
  • GROUP IV        Born 2005-2006                      12:00-12:45 pm

Age Group Wrestling Starts:                        

  • SCHOOLBOY/GIRL  Born 2003-2004           930-1130 am
  • CADET               Born 2002                                930-1130 am
  • GROUP I           Born 2011-2012                       1130-130 am
  • GROUP II         Born 2009-2010                      1130-130 am
  • GROUP III        Born 2007-2008                      130-330 pm
  • GROUP IV        Born 2005-2006                      130-330 pm


  • Wrestling should be completed within 2 hours of wrestling start for each age group
  • These events are for the beginner/experienced wrestlers only. Beginner/experienced wrestlers are generally seeking a fun and safe learning environment and not placed in any wrestling tournament. Wrestlers and their coaches and team who violate this rule will be disqualified from future MSWA events, including the MSWA Champions Age/Weight State Championships.
  • Singlets or very tight fitting t-shirts required. Head gear is mandatory
  • Wrestlers MUST weigh-in wearing singlets and/or t-shirts/shorts
  • Madison System: Qualifiers – Wrestlers will be grouped in 4-person brackets to wrestle round-robin. All bouts will be three periods of 1 min unless a pin or tech fall occurs
  • All events will have certified officials to ensure the safety of all and to ensure FUN!

Awards:                     Qualifiers: Beautiful Medals to ALL PARTICIPANTS


Entry Fees:                Qualifiers: $25 online; $40 at door-cash/checks payable to MSWA-no credit cards


                                   USAW Membership Required for ALL Events (                                        

Entry Deadline:         Online deadline is always 5pm the evening before event.  First 300 entries received. Walk-ins may be turned away




2xOLYMPIAN TERVEL DLAGNEV MADE A GUEST APPEARANCE AT LAST YEAR’S FINALE!  Olympians Andy Hrovat and Jake Herbert were guests in 2014.

All Future Champion wrestlers who participated in at least two events during this series qualify to attend the finale-DETAILS TBA

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