MSWA Gregory Kane Award

The MSWA Gregory Kane Wrestling Journalist Award was created and presented to an individual for promoting, through the written word, the world’s oldest and greatest sport

21016 Recipient, Tim Schwartz-Tim has done an excellent job promoting wrestling through social media, the Baltimore Sun and focuses primarily on Howard County.

2015 Recipient, Bill Haufe-Bill has done this for years and continues to focus on Eastern Shore wrestling and sports.

2014 Recipient, Billy Buckheit with Chairman Jay LaValley below

Billy has tirelessly as an unbias individual, ranked the states wrestlers and written editorials for the MSWA over the last few years.  More about Billy can be read HERE

About Gregory Kane:

Started in 1984 for the Baltimore Evening Sun

then The Baltimore Sun

The Baltimore and Washington Examiner

A frequent guest on WBAL Talk Radio

Wrestler at City College in Baltimore (Class of 1969)

Graduate of Franklin & Marshall

Wrote frequent articles on wrestling and often mentioned wrestling in non-wrestling related articles.

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