The following All Americans (top 8 placers) have been obtained at the USAW Kids Freestyle/Greco National Championships since 2008


2014 All Americans, Joey Couch and King Sandoval, 4th and 3rd from the right

Year Name Division-Weight Style
2008 Eric Hoffman Schoolboy-128 5th 1st
2008 Jack Mutchnik Novice-80 6th 5th
2009 Jack Mutchnik Schoolboy-84 3rd 3rd
2010 Jack Mutchnik Schoolboy-105 dnp 7th
2011 x x xx xx
2012 Alex LaVeck Novice-90 dnp 8th
2012 King Sandoval Novice-75 5th dnp
2013 Joe Couch Novice-55 dnp dnp
2013 Rick Couch Schoolboy-77 8th dnp
2013 King Sandoval Schoolboy-84 dnp 8th
2014 Joey Couch Novice-60 6th dnp
2014 NaSir Wilkinson Novice-60 xx 4th
2014 King Sandoval Schoolboy-91 dnp 7th
2015 Gerard Johnson Intermediate-80 dnp 1st
2015 NaSir Wilkinson Schoolboy-70 4th 5th
2015 Josh Strong Intermediate-70 dnp 6th
2015 Joey Couch Schoolboy-70 8th dnp
2015 Connor Strong Schoolboy-98 3rd dnp
2015 Owen Bell Novice-60 8th dnp
2016 Ben Smith Int-75 2nd 1st
2016 Phil Smith Schoolboy-105 8th 5th
2016 Joey Couch Schoolboy-77 6th dnp

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