License Plates

Maryland State Wrestling Association

Organizational Plate

The MSWA, in conjunction with USA Wrestling and the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration, is proud to offer our very own “organizational” license plate. This is your opportunity to show your pride in the sport of wrestling and help support the MSWA and its many programs at the same time.

Requirements and Information:

Ø     A one time fee of $50 per license plate/vehicle

o       $25 goes to help support the MSWA and its many programs 

Ø     A current USA Wrestling membership in your household

Ø     A current MD registered vehicle 

Ø     There is no change in your vehicle’s renewal registration fee or renewal/expiration dateo       New plate stickers will be sent which match those of your current registration

CLICK HERE to open the MVA Instructions document

And then CLICK HERE for the MVA application which you will mail back to the MSWA with your payment.

If you have any questions please email

Thank you for showing your pride and

for supporting wrestling in Maryland!

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