Mason – Dixon Quad

MDQ is now MDQx2

The MDQx2 (formally the Mason-Dixon Quad) was started in 1991. The 2018 event will be the 28th Mason-Dixon Quad x 2. Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania will supply 2 teams each. Delaware and New Jersey will be represented by 1 team each. There are four matches scheduled per team. The MDQx2 is scheduled for 01/07/2018 at the McDonogh School in Owings Mills.

The long time Tournament Director is Mike Clemens. He is also a long time member on the Executive Board of the MSWA and has directed more MDQ events than anyone else. T

One other person that ought to be acknowledged for making this event a success over the years is Van Plocus, of PA USA Wrestling. He has attended all 27 of the previous MDQ events. This is an unbelievable record of support!

Maryland’s selections will alter from the process of the immediate past. The days, of the required wrestle-offs, are gone. A committee, of knowledgeable youth wrestling coaches, will make the team selections right after the Pre-CAWL Tournament in early Dec. 2017.
In the next few months, e-mail applications will be accepted. The committee will be evaluating the applications right up to the selection meeting. This process will have only one goal. We want to assemble the very best TWO Maryland, folkstyle, USAW State Teams. Nothing less will be acceptable. Regardless, of who may have entered at a weight, please apply your wrestler. These teams are very fluid, and replacements are often needed.

MASON-DIXON QUAD (thru 2017)

The MSWA has hosted the Mason-Dixon Quad for over 28 years. This is one of the toughest dual meet tournaments in our region for middle-school wrestlers up to 14 years old. Though it only has four teams, the teams from Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland have consistently been represented by great wrestlers. Many have gone on to high school and College All-American status. Mack Lewnes, Ryan Herwig, Todd Beckerman and Evan Silver are just some of the great wrestlers who have represented Maryland for this event. Some out-of-state standouts have been Brooks Black, the Alton brothers, the Greys, the Kindigs, Guzzo, Villalonga and more.

In recent history, 4 Mason Dixon Quad participants, Jordan Oliver, Frank Molinaro, Quentin Wright, and Bubba Jenkins went on to win multiple NCAA Championships and Maryland’s own Kyle Snyder participated and recently won the Olympic Gold Medal!

The 2018 event will be held on Sunday, January 7th at the McDonogh School in Owings Mills, MD.

Weigh-ins are 7-8:00 am
Wrestling begins at 9:00 am

Round 1, MD1(Red) – DE
Round 2, MD1(Red) – VA2
Round 3, MD1(Red) – PA1

Round 1, MD2(Black) – PA2
Round 2, MD2(Black) – VA1
Round 3, MD2(Black) – NJ


2017 Info ONLY

(NOT 2018 which may be found at

MARYLAND WRESTLERS ONLY-the following information below is how to make Team Maryland-Must have current/valid USA Wrestling Membership

WRESTLE OFFS WILL TAKE PLACE DEC 18 at Northeast High School in Pasadena, MD 1121 Duvall Highway, Pasadena, MD 21122


Registration closes Friday Dec 16, 9pm (no walk ins); once you make the team, cost is $50 (minus entry $10 wrestle off fee).  This cost covers entry and gear package (below including bag, singlet, shirt, plus entry-what a deal!)

  • 7am-730am weigh in for all weights-wrestle at 8am on 5 mats with MWOA officials (2lb allowance, eg 65lbs is 67lbs)
  • weights will be seeded according to the rankings (see below)
  • single elimination
  • if only one wrestler registers at a weight for the wrestle off, that wrestler will secure the weight (will be informed the day before so that they do not have to travel)
  • if no one registers at a weight for the wrestle off, coaches will accept interest after deadline and may offer wrestle off, but coaches make final decision


  • wrestler can only register/wrestle off at one (1) weight-once wrestler loses, wrestler is eliminated from wrestle off challenge
  • receive 2lb allowance at wrestle off weigh in (receive 1lb allowance at actual event on Jan 8, eg 65lbs is 66lbs)

2017 MARYLAND TEAM GEAR, just $50 plus entry fee!



THE RANKINGS HERE- WILL ASSIST IN THE SEEDING IF MORE THAN 2 WRESTLERS REGISTERED FOR WRESTLE OFF-if you believe a wrestler should be ranked higher due to a recent result or a result that the ranker is not aware of, please contact the ranker through the forum.

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